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Contact Us

Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital
Address: #305 Tianmushan Rd., Hangzhou
Bus Route: Take bus 49/ 89/ 17/ B2/ B4 to Fengtan Rd (South) and walk 50 meters to the east; or take bus 282/ 73/ 194 to Gudang Xiaoqu and walk 100 meters to the west. 
Contact Number: +86-571-85127129   
Outpatient Clinic Reservation: +86-571-85129501
Malpractice Reporting: +86-571-85126510
Psychological Consultation (24h): +86-571-85029595
Fax: 0571-56121532
Address (Xixigu Clinic): Rm 207/208, 2F Building C, #527 Xixi Rd., Hangzhou 
Contact Number: +86-571-87980171